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Since 1985, Ravenel Associates has combined its highly professional services with an experienced, certified, and licensed property management team to support and engage its clients in a smart, dedicated, service relationship.  Our clients and communities throughout the greater tri-county have relied on us for sound, timely, and courteous advice.

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An Association or Condominium is a non-profit corporation of property owners formed for the purpose of maintaining the common property. Associations are governed by a Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions and Condominiums are governed by a Master Deed and By-Laws. All owners, by virtue of their ownership of a property are members of the Association or Condominium Regime. Each owner, by acceptance of a deed to the property shall be members of the Association/Condominium Regime and shall be subject to the recorded documents.
The Directors are owners that are elected by the members at the Annual Meeting of Owners. During the original development and construction of the property the developer normally serves as the Board until such time as temporary appointments are made by the developer. Board Members are volunteers and make decisions on behalf of the owners.
The Board has a fiduciary duty to prepare and adopt an annual budget, levying and collect assessment, provide for the operation, care, upkeep, and maintenance of those portions of the common property as provided in the documents. The Board Members are the decision makers for the Association and they provide the policy for the management company to follow in accordance with the documents.

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