prospective vendors

Ravenel Associates is always seeking new vendors to provide outstanding services to the communities we manage. Once requirements are met, vendors are eligible to work at any of our properties.

Following is a list of requirements to be a Ravenel Associates approved vendor for our professionally managed properties:

  • Must submit a W9 if not incorporated.
  • Must be licensed by the appropriate taxing authorities and submit verification on demand.
  • Must submit a certificate of insurance for general liability and workers compensation coverage. (Please ask your insurance carrier to submit annually upon renewal. An expired COI will prevent payment.)

Following are our invoicing requirements:

  • Invoices should be billed to the property where the work was performed. Please do not bill to Ravenel Associates.
  • Invoices are to be mailed (or emailed) to 960 Morrison Drive, Suite 100, Charleston SC 29403. (Please do not email invoices to the Accounting Department as invoices must be approved by the property manager that requested the work prior to submission to Accounting.)
  • Invoices should be submitted immediately upon completion of the work performed.
  • Invoices should clearly and concisely state the work that was performed. (“Per quote” is not acceptable.)
  • The vendor name on the invoice must be same name as the W9 and the insured name on the certificate of insurance.

Payment for invoices that have been received and approved by the property manager will be mailed on the 10th and 25th of every month. (Change of address notification should be sent separate from invoices.)

If you accept MasterCard, (with no convenience fee), please notify our Accounting Department for quicker payment.

new & existing vendors

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  • W9
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