First Name Last Name Years with Ravenel Job Title Portrait Image Email Work Phone Bio
Jim Abercrombie 7 Maintenance Technician 843-768-9480 View Item
Casey Bearden Maintenance Technician 843-768-9480 View Item
Kevin Bilbro Maintenance Technician 843-768-9480 View Item
Erica Bogdanowitz, CMCA, AMS, PCAM 5 Director of Commercial Property Management 843-266-3919 View Item
Liz Boles Ashley House Assistant Manager 843-723-4506 View Item
Daniel Boykin, CMCA, AMS Regime & Assoc. Manager 843-266-3902 View Item
Fraser Butler Field Supervisor 843-266-8485 View Item
Lori Crowley 3 Marketing Coordinator 843-266-3931 View Item
Kyle Daniel Administrative Assitant 843-266-3936 View Item
Jules Deas President 843-768-9480 <p>Jules Deas is an accomplished real estate professional with over 30 years of experience in the Charleston region. Over the course of his career, Deas has played an instrumental role in several major real estate projects in the Lowcountry. In 2009, Deas was named President of Ravenel Associates, where he has overseen the property management for approximately 90 communities in the tri-county area.</p><p>Prior to Ravenel Associates, Mr. Deas founded Laurel Properties in 1993 as the owner and Broker-In-Charge. While operating Laurel Properties, Deas worked in conjunction with development companies on the site selection and acquisition of new properties.</p><p>In 2015, with the formation of Ravenel Commercial Properties, Deas functions as Broker-In-Charge while continuing to work as the President of Ravenel Associates. Through his experience in property management and involvement working with large development projects, Deas has acquired comprehensive knowledge of the complexities of running successful real estate companies.</p><p> </p><p>Mr. Deas is a native of Charleston, graduate of the Citadel, and member at St. Michaels Church. In his spare time, Jules enjoys spending time with his children and grandchildren.</p><p></p> View Item
Chuck Diggle Maintenance Technician 843-768-9480 View Item
Kristine Doak Administrative Assistant 843-266-3925 View Item
Tucker Ervin Commercial Director 843-266-8444 View Item
John Eysen, CMCA Regime & Assoc. Manager 843-266-8443 View Item
Ashley Fitch, CMCA, AMS Manager 843-768-9480 View Item
Leidy Gray Regime & Assoc. Manager 843-266-8460 View Item
Owen Gudridge Regime & Assoc. Manager 843-266-3933 View Item
Ellen Hanckel Management Coordinator 843-266-3916 View Item
Kelly Holland Peninsula Community Association Manager 843-762-1998 View Item
Megan Howard, CMCA , AMS, PCAM Regime & Assoc. Manager 843-266-3917 View Item
Mary James I'On Assembly Assistant Community Manager 843-388-7547 View Item
David Jonjevic, CMCA 2023 Regime & Assoc. Manager 843-266-8430 View Item
Rita Lambert One Vendue Range Manager 843-266-3938 View Item
Cameron Leyh, CMCA, AMS 4 Regime & Assoc. Manager 843-266-3912 View Item
Wendy Lisco Property Inspector 843-266-8454 View Item
Julie Maranville 14 Regime & Assoc. Manager 843-266-3905 View Item
Kael Martin Regime & Association Maintenance 843-768-9480 View Item
Karen Martin, CMCA, AMS 30 Chief Operating Officer 843-266-3915 <p>Karen Martin, Chief Operating Officer, brings a rich and extensive background to community management. She is graduate from the College of Charleston with a degree in Business Administration. Prior to joining Ravenel Associates, Karen worked with a national real estate and development company. She progressed naturally into community management in 1986, where she remains an industry leader in her profession. Karen’s attention to detail, problem solving capabilities, and positive personality have allowed her to represent some of the same communities for nearly 30 years.</p> <p>When she is not directly managing properties, Karen is intimately involved in the hiring and training of new managers, while implementing policies and procedures, and managing day-to-day operations. A certified Manager of Community Associations through the Community Association Institute, Karen remains abreast of market patterns though continual education. She has experienced nearly everything possible in the realm of community management and uses this knowledge to train and mentor new managers.</p> <p>Karen enjoys the collaborative nature of the 20-member team at Ravenel Associates and encourages each member to rely on one another’s experiences to problem solve. She appreciates the diversity and urgency of daily challenges and thrives on following through with problems until complete. Her clients can attest to her ability to plan for multiple scenarios, allowing the best possible outcome for her property owners.</p> <p>A native of Charleston, Karen and her husband live on James Island with their teenage twin sons. When not working, she enjoys spending time outdoors in the Lowcountry and working in the garden. </p> View Item
Dolores Mazyck Property Inspector 843-266-3936 View Item
Lora McIntosh Assistant Community Manager 843-266-3930 View Item
Katie Mell, CMCA, AMS, PCAM Director of Training and Development 843-266-3918 View Item
Sally Miranda Accountant 843-266-3929 View Item
Steve Morrison 8 Regime & Assoc. Manager 843-266-3908 View Item
Angela Painter, CMCA Regime & Association Manager 843-266-3927 View Item
Nina Patton Administrative Assistant 843-266-3914 View Item
Vickie Phillips Chief Financial Officer 843-266-3921 <p>Vickie Phillips, appointed Chief Financial Officer in 2015, has been with Ravenel Associates since 2010. Her responsibilities include all aspects of accounting, including financial reporting and cash management for Ravenel Associates and each of the individual properties managed by the company. Additionally, she oversees Ravenel’s human resource department focusing on payroll and employee benefits. Phillips takes the most pride in organizing Ravenel’s philanthropy efforts throughout the year, including fundraising and item collections for various local charity organizations and unifying employee efforts after natural disasters like Hurricane Matthew.</p> <p>Since joining Ravenel Associates, Phillips has held various positions within the finance division, including Comptroller and Accountant. She finds juggling the daily responsibilities the most challenging, but also the most rewarding. In addition to overseeing the accounting for Ravenel Associates and each property managed by the company, she also manages the finances of Ravenel Commercial Properties and Ravenel Associates Real Estate. </p> <p>After graduating from Winthrop College with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Accounting, she worked for Seabrook Island Ocean Club in the accounting department. Prior to working for Ravenel, Phillips worked in several different accounting roles for a local Fortune 500 company. Vickie and her husband have two grown children and live in West Ashley their dog and four cats. She is an avid outdoor enthusiast including hiking, camping, and kayaking. </p> View Item
Liz Pitkin Community Manager 843-266-3932 View Item
Laura Platt Stono Ferry Community Association Manager 843-266-8434 View Item
Hilton Powell Regime & Association Manager 843-266-3913 View Item
Debbie Rentz Closing Coordinator 843-266-3924 View Item
Alishia Scott Accountant 843-768-9480 View Item
Emily Simpson, CMCA, AMS I'On Assembly General Manager 843-388-7547 View Item
Kindra Souther Regime & Assoc. Manager 843-266-8470 View Item
Marsha Strickland Accountant  843-266-3920 View Item
Brian Taupier Accountant 843-266-3911 View Item
Sally Thackston , CMCA, AMS Regime & Assoc. Manager 843-266-3934 View Item
Liz Thomas Regime & Assoc. Manager 843-266-3909 View Item
Vicky Villano Administrative Assistant 843-266-3903 View Item
Sally Wackym, CMCA 8 Regime & Assoc. Manager  843-266-3922 View Item
Pat Webb Regime & Assoc. Manager 843-266-3935 View Item
Robin Woodward 5 Office Manager 843-266-3926 View Item