The Charleston County Mosquito Control Program utilizes several methods to treat mosquitoes in our area in an effort to protect public health. To request service in your area or to simply learn more, visit the Charleston County Public Works.

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Ground Operations Notification:
Charleston County Mosquito Control (CCMC) may be conducting ground adulticide operations using ultra low volume spray trucks throughout the County of Charleston from May 13, 2019 to May 28, 2019. These operations will be conducted based on comprehensive surveillance results. Daily schedules will be posted on this site and citizens on CCMC’s call list will receive notifications of scheduled spraying in their area.

Quick Mosquito Facts

  1. 50+ species of mosquitoes live in Charleston County
  2. 30 of these species bite people and pets
  3. The two salt marsh species occur in the greatest numbers
  4. Dredged material disposal sites can produce up to 80 million mosquitoes per acre per rainfall
  5. Natural sites can produce up to 8 million mosquitoes per acre per rainfall or tide event

Mosquito Control

Phone: (843)202-7880
For service requests or to be added to the notification list (allergies, bees, etc..) please complete a work order request.